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Fluff Alert! Labor Department Releases Green Jobs “Report” for Earth Day
April 22, 2010, 10:46 pm
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Fluff alert!! Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and another green jobs photo op.

Check out the Labor Department site and you will see that Labor Secretary Hilda Solis was all over Earth Day today – naturally, the 40 year celebration of Mother Earth is an opportune occasion to highlight her agency’s efforts in green job building. But if you check out the Dept’s “full report”  on green jobs, (at 10 pages) you will see lots of cool pictures of Solis strolling confidently through solar plants but not a ton of data. It’s a little disappointing, but I guess the PR opportunity was there and the Labor Dept decided to just go with it. Of course, the report did acknowledge the $490 million that was awarded for green jobs training under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, but that’s nothing new at all. How about an update on that funding? What training programs have been successful? What are the conversion rates for older workers into new careers in green building or energy industries? What are the sign up rates for young people in vocational tech programs like solar installation? Are new degree programs being explored, to accommodate the need for intellectual investment in homegrown energy technology? These are the sorts of questions that should be answered in a “green jobs report,” not another picture of Hilda Solis looking good in industrial plant gear! C’mon guys.