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Winning Over the “Coal” States
February 3, 2010, 10:54 pm
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For reasons somewhat incomprehensible to me, “climate change” is a politically divisive term. This sentiment is shared, I assume, by all the people who enjoyed a laugh with President Obama last week when he publicly mocked climate change skeptics during the State of the Union Address.

But, that was last week. This week, it seems our president has decided to adopt a somewhat more modest tone. He has very clearly centered his efforts to create new American jobs around clean energy and infrastructure initiatives, so if he is to get anything done, it seems he’s decided to stop throwing “global warming” around. Better buzzword? Actually, there’s three. Jobs, jobs, jobs.

This piece from MSNBC notes that the president is trying to win over voters in coal and farm states while he travels around America touting his energy initiatives, a two-birds-with-one-stone kind of thing.

From the White House:

“I happen to believe that we should pass a comprehensive energy and climate bill,” Obama told a White House meeting of governors, many from coal-producing states. “It will make clean energy the profitable kind of energy, and the decision by other nations to do this is already giving their businesses a leg up on developing clean energy jobs and technologies.”

Sure, he’s pandering to his audience, but good for him. There is nothing wrong with a little modesty. In my mind, moves like publicly mocking climate skeptics may garner a temporary laugh – look at those “crazies” it says – but something about the way Obama does it just comes off as arrogant. It surely can’t help him with the Palin types. Now if Obama can win over some center-rights, maybe even some independents, and get the ball rolling on new jobs for energy projects, now that’s something I’ll cheer for.