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Paterson and the “Largest Solar Initiative in State History”
February 13, 2010, 11:45 pm
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New York Governor David Paterson can barely keep himself in office, but today he announced “the largest solar initiative in State history.”

Um, ok. Let’s hope the New York Power Authority isn’t relying too much on Paterson for this, since it is questionable at this point if he will be able to withstand calls to step down.

If Governor Paterson can withstand calls to resign, he may be able to see through the start of "the largest solar initiative in State history."

In any case, according to Paterson’s statement, the NYPA is seeking developers who will build and operate up to 100 megawatts photovoltaic systems (PVs) across New York State. The NYPA will then enter into purchase agreements with developers, allowing itself to manage contracting and distribution to users like universities and public agencies. With the potential to power “the equivalent of 15,000 homes,” this will be the largest solar initiative New York State has ever undertaken.

Taking a cue from the Obama playbook, there is the requisite statement of stimulating “the economy with new clean energy jobs.” 50,000 new jobs, in fact – a “conservative” number, according to the press release. I think someone in the press office needs to ease up on the morning lattes – let’s see some hiring before we start calling 50,000 new jobs “conservative.”


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